Executive Team

  • Jonathan Gray

    Jonathan Gray

    Mr. Gray’s responsibility is to provide and promote the mission, vision, and values within the organization. Mr. Gray has worked in the retail automobile industry since 1991. He served for his role as President of OCADA, of which he will serve as President in 2011, a member and two time President of the Harbor Boulevard of Cars, elected to serve on Chryslers National Dealer Council, appointed to serve on the FIAT Dealer Advisory Committee, and served as one of the original directors for the Costa Mesa Community Athletic foundation. He is a proud recipient of the Five Star award from Chrysler for excellence in customer service.

  • Armina Mgerian

    Armina Mgerian

    Mrs. Mgerian has served as the head of financial operations since 2001. Currently as Chief Financial Officer of Talon Automotive Group, LLC she is responsible to lead as the head financial executive of the company. Providing financial data and operational support allows Talon to successfully execute its business plan. In addition, she serves as the General Manager of Orange Coast FIAT in Costa Mesa.