Culture and Values

  • Loyalty: An allegiance to carry out our company mission
  • Integrity: Maintain the highest moral standards by demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action we take
  • Teamwork: Promote an environment where we support others in pursuit of a unified goal
  • Innovation: A passion to develop and implement better strategies which create value for our customers
  • Training: Provide the support and leadership essential for our team to develop and grow
  • Consistency: Establish a culture where we execute our processes with urgency and regularity

    We embrace and promote a "customer first" approach when developing or executing any of our processes. Every employee signs a "code of ethics" upon beginning employment with Talon Automotive. Our sustained success is a direct result of consistently doing the right thing, taking care of our customers, and creating a great environment for our employees to excel. "Do the right thing, always."


    We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence. This level will only be obtained with an executive team committed to having and growing leaders at every level in our company. With monthly performance evaluations and coaching on core issues our team is in continuous improvement mode. This applies to both personal improvement as well as performance improvement as both are essential in executing our business plan. Encouraging and rewarding performance is fundamental to our plan.


    We are family. At Talon Automotive treating each other like family, helping each other when someone needs help, disciplining each other when actions call for it, openly communicating for clarity of purpose, and having a lot of fun are principles which guide us. We want everyone to have a voice, recognizing our success begins with them. Creating a great work environment will ultimately lead to a better experience for our customers. Always take the high road, act with integrity, and do your part.


    With our "Talon Guide to Success" we have identified the key metrics which lead to benchmark and sustainable long term performance. This guide is utilized when buying a store to insure it fits within our financial model or developing a new process within an existing business: "what will the impact of this decision be on our Guide to Success?" The discipline to ask this question first and react accordingly has and will continue to lead our investment decisions.