• Orange Coast Jeep San Juan, January 24, 2012: Very friendly atmosphere, stress free, no hassles. They currently have exceptional deals, which is why I made the trip from San Diego. My intent was to look at cars, but I purchased a SUV for a very reasonable price. I left feeling very satisfied with the purchase. John Harnett and Kelly helped me. Kelly really helped make the sale by making me feel at ease, and not pressured. This is a good thing when making a major decision to purchase a vehicle. I recommended the dealership to a few friends at work. I hope they make a trip and give them a chance to earn your business. I would recommend this dealership for anyone looking to buy a new.


  • I shopped for a new suv at several dealerships and for seversl brands and decided on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I visited OC Jeep as a last stop on the way home (the dealership is about 8 miles away). A pleasant young lady (product speacialist)showed me what they had available and answered questions. I was then directed to Ryan Lake, a sales/finance manager. He was extremely knowledgable (more than any prior salesperson) and was able to quickly figure options, costs, etc. We negotiated a very good price and he found that only one car in the right color and equipped the way I wanted was available to S. Calif. and it was in Kansas City on a freight car to be shipped to another dealer. Ryan was able to work out a trade with that dealer and have the car re-routed to his dealership. The transaction was extremely smooth and pleasant. No pressure or hard bargaining.


  • While I have visited most Jeep dealerships in Orange County, Orange Coast earned my business because of the friendly atmosphere and exceptional deal they offered. While visiting my intent was to look at cars and not make friends, I left feeling very friendly with John Harnett and all the other people there that helped me. This is a good thing when making a major purchase. Browse where you want to, but stop here before you buy and give them a chance to earn your business. I doubt you will regret it.

    I am writing this on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 and my purchase was made the prior Sunday. I purchased a Jeep Compass for my daughter who won't see the car until she visits from college out of state.

    Paul D Jaruszewski, DDS

  • Excellent!!!!!
    ~ My experience at Orange Coast Jeep was enjoyable & I am very satisfied. The knowledge of the sales managers make the buying experience easy, fast & effortless!! I have & will continue to recommend this dealership to my family & friends!!

    ~ Brooke M.~

  • We are in agreement with the previous posts on this dealership. Very friendly staff. They are not pushy at all. Buying a new or used vehicle can be a very exciting and stressful thing to do. We worked with Fred at the San Juan dealership and Joe at the Costa Mesa dealership. The two vehicles we were interested in were located at the Costa Mesa lot. Joe assisted us with our test drive and was great. We handled the sale with Fred through the San Juan store.

    The prices are good and the used vehicle selection was good as well. I can't review the new vehicle selection because we were focused on a used vehicle.

    The only thing that caused me some concern, as one reviewer mentioned, was the dealership automatically adding/charging for Nitro Fill in the tires and Interior/Exterior protection coating.

    Overall, we would recommend this dealership for anyone looking to buy a new or used vehicle. It's usually rare to find customer service of this caliber at car dealerships.